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April 2024
Apr 23, 2024
1 incident

API Down


Resolved Apr 23 at 07:30am CEST

Sync from PMS and to OTA is back and working. We will work to get any missed bookings.

We sincerely apologise for any inconvenience this has caused you and your customers

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Apr 07, 2024
1 incident

Production update


Resolved Apr 07 at 09:00am CEST

We will perform a cluster update to keep it fresh and updated. We're do not expect any downtime but some 5xx errors can occurs. Be sure you have repeat logic on 5xx error / timeout.

March 2024
Mar 25, 2024
1 incident

Channex Service Down


Resolved Mar 25 at 05:10pm CET

We have got it back working and working to get all missed bookings from the OTA

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February 2024
Feb 20, 2024
1 incident is down


Resolved Feb 20 at 10:31pm CET

Booking have restored the service and we are sending all delayed syncs

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Feb 16, 2024
1 incident

Issues with Expedia


Resolved Feb 18 at 09:20am CET

Expedia mapping functionality back to normal

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